Innovative drone solution for precise detection and mapping of Rumex in grass and clover fields.

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Up to 90% savings in herbicide

Akson Robotics have developed an autonomous dronesystem which detects Rumex by flying over grass and clover fields, such that it can be dealt with using precision spraying.
By using our solution savings of up to 90% herbicide can be obtained, when the weeds are controlled early in its growth. Furthermore, our solution estimates the clover mass, such that fertilizer can be distributed more intelligently.

How does it work?


You book an appointment with us

Planning the mission

We prepare your fields for flying


Our drone captures images of your field

Drone flying over grass field

Our artificial intelligence analyses the images


Results can be reviewed and exported to a sprayer

Detections of Rumex and estimation of clover percentage can be reviewed in UI

Watch a video of the solution

Who are we?

Akson Robotics is created by 3 danish engineers with a different range of skills, who have a degree in Robotics from Aalborg University. Our vision is to use drones and AI in order to perform precise detection of weeds and dangerous plants, in environments where traditional computer vision is not enough.
In this way it is possible to perform selective and local control of the weed with precision spraying or manual control, compared to spraying whole areas. This means that the weed control is easier, cheaper and more environmentally friendly.

Billede af Albert Sonne Olesen

Albert Sonne Olesen

Responsible for administration and marketing
Billede af Benedek Benjamin Gergaly

Benedek Benjamin Gergaly

Responsible for hardware og droneoperation
Billede af Emil Albin Ryberg

Emil Albin Ryberg

Responsible for system- og software architecture


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