Take a step towards a sustainable future with automation through AI, robots and machine learning

Akson Robotics delivers products and solutions, as well as consulting, within AI, robots and machine learning. Akson Robotics is specialised in integration of Deep Learning (and AI) in real world solutions through robots, drones and other IT-systems.

Deep Learning has many application areas. It can, among other things, be used for recognition of plants in surroundings where colour-filtering is not sufficient, recognition of various objects in images or video or voice control of robotic systems.

In Akson Robotics we know which types of artificial intelligence is best suited for certain fields of work. That is why we can help tailor and train models that achieve the desired outcome. Finally, we can also help integrate the solution into a larger systems, where machines or sub-systems have to work together.

Our products and services

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CropUp is a Software as a Service platform which helps farmers and agronomists with reducing the amount of chemicals in the field by only applying it where it is necessary. This is possible with CropUp's AI that recognises various weeds and crops from drone images. These weeds and crops are then mapped on a centimeter level. CropUp enables precision farming, saving the farmer money, giving better yield and making farming more environmentally friendly.

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AI Service

Akson Robotics can help you implement the AI solution that fits your project. This can be through consulting, where we help you achieve the best results as fast and efficient as possible, or we can carry out the development for you.

Who are we?

Akson Robotics is founded and consists of 3 robotic engineers from Aalborg University in Denmark. We specialise in application of aritificial intelligence in robotic or autonomous solutions, but has a wide range of skills within e.g. IT-architecture, drones and various robots.
The vision behind Akson Robotics is to help implement artificial intelligence in the society in a robust, correct and responsible way. Then, we can take a step towards a sustainable future together.

Billede af Albert Sonne Olesen

Albert Sonne Olesen

Co-founder & CEO
Reponsible for administration and business development
Billede af Benedek Benjamin Gergaly

Benedek Benjamin Gergaly

Co-founder & COO
Reponsible for hardware and integration
Billede af Emil Albin Ryberg

Emil Albin Ryberg

Co-founder & CTO
Reponsible for system- and software architecture


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